Some research questions I am interested in

User behaviors and contexts

In the design of EdTech tools, how can we lead with the learners’ context and known behaviors at the heart? What are the problems we are trying to solve? What are the barriers to the implementation?

Inclusive Design principles

How best should we design EdTech tools and technologies? How do we design with inclusiveness and diversity as the foundation for every other thing?

Digital skills and careers

How can we provide young people with the opportunity to gain high levels of digital literacy whilst still at school thus providing them with a strong foundation for their future education and careers, enabling them to compete on a global basis.

Research Themes


I research the role of technology in enhancing teaching and learning, focusing particularly on generating evidence on what works and what does not, particularly in developing countries.

Technology in the classroom

My research also explores how technologies like Augmented and Virtual realities and serious games could improve the engagement of young people with STEM subjects in the classroom. Beyond this, I am also interested in the changes technology brings to the traditional classroom dynamics and the support educators need to manage a technology-enhanced classroom.

Digital Citizenship

I am interested in researching ways to support young people and their primary influencers (parents and teachers) in using digital technologies in ethical, safe and responsible ways without limiting them from fully participating in, benefiting from and contributing to the knowledge society.

Are you interested in working together on any of these themes?